Animated Logos

motion design


Here is some of animated logos I did With After Effects.

Animated logo for the Youtube Chanel “Khabo TV”.

Work on the logo’s animation for the clip “Brokopoly” – Lyre Le Temps

The Belgian Association Press-Start aims to promote video games of all ages and in all its forms. On its website and at events, it aims to introduce the video game to different audiences, by putting it in a historical perspective. She wishes to make better understand the evolution of video games by explaining its roots. It also intends to disseminate information that brings together all the market players in French-speaking Belgium by putting themselves at the level of players, developers and traders.

L’Articule! Is a webzine that aims to share our favorites and inspirations in the world of art and culture. As seen as a “pot-pourri”, they don’t limit theirselves to a style, a technique or a geographical area even if then like to promote local artists and craftsmen (Alsace, France and Wallonie, Belgium).

In addition to a webzine, L’Articule! Is also an audiovisual production company specializing in the portrayal of artists and craftsmen in order to promote, disseminate and perpetuate these trades.