graphic design


I created a Fanzine for the event “Valentine’s day is coming…”

☼Valentine’s day. 
Pagan festivals dedicated to Faunus Lupercus, god of fertility, during which the priests of Lupercus sacrificed goats and got drunk. English popular beliefs during the XIVth which celebrated the beginning of the season of loves for the birds.
It was long way off and today these stories are submerged by the cliché of flowers bathed in chocolates, the sweet words that we (do not) receive. This commercial holiday gives us the idea of ​​a love that we could buy .
Ψ But if you let yourself be invited by the deities of love to a high mass, the time of an evening, to celebrate and to exorcise love, or rather the frustrations of love occasioned by Valentine’s Day?
♠ During this evening, to prepare you best for the pains of Valentine’s Day that will be held the next day, the “canif” (penknife) will officiate with his acolytes, following the instructions of Mami Wata and Erzulie. We will invite you to invoke the tumults of passion, the madness of love, in all its forms; past, present, future.
♂♀ This is addressed to lonely hearts, souls in pain, or even to lovers who, per claim, deny this holiday… Come express yourself with us …